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The Write Way Abridged - Ebook


All stories start with the spark of an idea. And with some added creativity, that spark quickly turns into something more, something adventurous, captivating, or alluring in nature. As human beings, we all love a great story, and to be able to express ourselves in a creative manner. But it isn’t always as easy as opening up a new word document and pounding out page after page of the next great novel.

The Write Way, Abbridged - Lauren Xena Campbell

Idea's inspire ideas. 


It’s not always easy to fuel a daily writing habit. Enthusiasm for a long-running project can dry up, ideas can seem lackluster after a while or allude you all together and at times it’s just nice to take a break, shake things up a bit and write about something different...


But one thing is certain - you love to write! You want to write and it’s an important habit for writers to visit their craft often. Nursing a consistent writing routine helps to keep your mind fresh, sharpen discipline and get words on the page. But that doesn’t mean you have to write the same thing every day.


The Write Way contains over 500+ prompts in a variety of genres to keep you inspired and more importantly writing. With thought provoking creative exercises, character development tips, journal activities, and much more, this book will help you to keep writing, even when you’d rather procrastinate just a little bit.


This workbook also acts as a storage place for your own ideas, with writing space to allow you to develop your plot outlines, capture your thoughts and grow your inspiration cache for a rainy day.

A lite version for your convenience... 

Similar to the paperback version of the same title, the Abridged E-book of The Write Way contains all the same advice and prompts as the original, but is designed to be more compact for ease of use on the Kindle. With this in mind, the Abridged version is not a workbook, but rather a plain text version of the same content, designed to be used in conjunction with your own notebook or writing materials. 

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