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Daily Writing Practice Journal

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In this Daily Writing Practice Journal, you will find a few useful sections to help fuel your daily writing habit and get you working on your craft. With space to monitor your project's progress and keep track of your word count so that you may amend your writing sessions and improve accordingly, the primary goal of this book is simply this – to get you writing and acknowledging your potential.

The Daily Writing Journal - Lauren Xena Campbell

A creative writing journal for dedicated fiction writers, to help install that daily writing habit into our lives and keep track of our creative goals.

Whilst this journal was originally designed with readers of The Write Way - Writing Prompt series in mind, it can be used by any writer to aid them in keeping up with project deadlines, capturing word count targets and ideas, as well as tracking their progress for an entire year.

The journal includes:

  • a daily writing tracker

  • project tracker

  • daily pages

  • reading list

  • note section

  • and word count tracker

Writing Practice Notebook Cover (12.66 × 9.25 in).png

A companion notebook for The Write Way 

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