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In love with a good book

I'm a rare breed, in that I have always known what I wish to pursue as my profession. Since before I could even read and write, I loved telling a good story, and of course, listening to them too. In my mind there is nothing more enjoyable nor magical than a good book; one that is hard to put down, immersive and easy to get lost in. 

I am a terrible romantic when it comes to writing, falling for stories set in whimsical worlds with historic backgrounds, dynamic character journeys and, a good love story in there somewhere. I think it's my passion for history and fables that has inspired me to pursue the genres I have. I find stories set in the past uplifting and adventurous - I hunger for the journey along with the characters, as eager as they are to take up sword and compass as they make their way through uncertain times.


The same can be said for romance - I can never wait to see the end result, the 'will they, won't they' factor keeping me on the edge of my seat until that final page. There is such a level of depth to a decent romance story that makes the reader fall in love with the characters whilst not just being about the mushy bits but about life in general, and that support system will all long for. 

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"Dreams are not made to be broken, but are created in the heart to write destiny!"

Lauren Xena Campbell

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About The Author

Lauren Xena Campbell is a freelance writer and author's assistant with over five years of experience in content creation and creative writing. Having performed as a Ghostwriter and published many novels for clients via KDP and other platforms, this is her first fully-fledged publication in her own right.

With over five years of experience helping traditionally published and indie authors alike, Lauren is well versed in all areas of the creative process. Whilst a proficient non-fiction writer her true passion lies with storytelling with her main genres of interest including Fantasy, Romance, and Historical fiction or a fusion of all three, though she has worked with almost every genre during her time as a freelancer.

Having struggled with Dyslexia her whole life, Lauren was illiterate until the age of thirteen when she taught herself to read and write, as the love of telling stories was too infused in her personality to let trifles get in the way. Ignoring the naysayers, Lauren went on to prove that dyslexic people can not only write but publish, edit, run a blog, and work for highly prized authors, as well as teach others to do the same. It was this self-belief and determination which has fueled her writing journey ever since and inspired her to help others fulfill their writing potential.

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