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Adult Selection

Below you will find my Adult Selection of Low Content Books, designed for fun and personal productivity purposes. 

Included in the selection are adult coloring books, journals and notebooks, logbooks, and other productivity trackers that grown-ups might find useful. 

All of these books are classified under my Poppy Seeds pen name as they count as 'Low Content Books', which basically means that there isn't much writing in them due to the nature of their format and content.


However, this doesn't make them any less valuable to the right person, and they make for wonderful gifts, especially for those with specific interests and creative hobbies; such as journaling, crafting, and so forth. 

2 Minute Gratitude Journal Cover  (12.91 × 9.5 in).jpg

Daily Floral: 2 Minute Gratitude Journal

The perfect gift for someone you love or to yourself; this quick daily journal is designed to take the stress out of memory keeping, whilst focusing on what is really important – the things you are thankful for.

Don't Forget! Front Cover Only.jpg

Don't Forget!: Backing Up My Brain Notebook

Do you hoard post-its and note's-to-self? Are you always forgetting silly things and would benefit from a few more gigabytes of memory in your head?

A Stitch In Time  Cover.jpg

A Stitch In Time:

Week on 2 Pages Diary

Coming Soon.

Spring Vibes Cover.jpg

Spring Vibes:

Week on 2 Pages Diary

Coming Soon.

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