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A Knights Passion


Roland knelt beside her after gently laying her down on the cobbles. She was in mid faint, as he happened on the scene, not a moment too soon to catch her as she fell. She fought slightly as he caught her, struggling to be released it seemed. Roland smiled. Even though from the distance he had started out to get to the barn, his eyes had always been on her, and the fight she had brought against her attacker. She must have some great courage to fight like that.

A Knights Passion - Lauren Xena Campbell

When Roland Griffin comes home from war, the last thing he is thinking about is finding a bride. However, a knights duty to his homestead must always come before one's own comfort, and soon he is off with the insistence of his difficult mother to find himself a suitable mate to marry...

Lelia de Lorraine is shunned by polite society despite her noble birth. However, she is happy to go on as she always has, living in the shadows and helping to run her father's castle. But fates comes for us all...when attending her dearest friend's inn, the surfs are set upon by bandits and a brigade of unfamiliar knights. Who is friend and who is foe? 

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